What is Your “Favorite” Jewelry or Accessory?

We get asked this question all the time and it is so hard to answer!  But don’t you love that feeling when you “fall in love” with jewelry or an accessory that becomes a favorite, at least for a while.  On my recent trip to Istanbul, I was instantly attracted to the classic beauty of our new sapphire earrings.  And then I was blown away by the subtle boldness of our newly designed amethyst necklace.  As designers and consumers, both Meyla and I have fallen in love with many of our pieces! But of course, like you some over time become our "favorites." We are attracted to the pieces in our collections for different reasons! Our delicate blue, white and yellow sapphire necklaces are favorites of ours. The modern design is beautiful, and these contemporary “eye” charms sparkle brilliantly. People compliment us regularly on them! The Antika Collection is another favorite, especially the 24k gold vermeil earrings. We love all of the semi-precious stones and frequently wear them. Each single and double stone pair of earrings is special in its own way, and we love the way they complete any outfit! Although we are sisters, we diverge in some of our preferences too! Meyla loves "big", whether it’s a bold necklace, a larger stone ring, or an impressive zinc bracelet.  Each one is distinctive and, like Meyla, they truly make a statement. Nevra feels incomplete without a necklace or pendant! Typically she wears one of the sapphire "eyes", but lately she's been going "outside the box" and wearing colorful pendants. They come in a variety of semi-precious stones so there is always one to match what she is wearing! And of course our soft silk scarves are perfect for Spring! Their light and silky texture feel great and the colorful designs add style and sophistication to any outfit.   We offer designs and colors for everyone, solids, stripes, florals and most recently a combination of silk and chiffon.  Silk scarves also make great gifts! What is your favorite accessory or piece of jewelry?  We are excited to share many of the new styles and designs we have just brought back from Istanbul.  What style or designs do you love? Tell us below or send an email to meyla@beksandesigns.com or nevra@beksandesigns.com !

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