November Specials

Special 30% OFF!

This Month’s Promotions include:

Turkish Sapphire Collection

Entire Black Onyx and Marcasite Collection

Silver Bracelets from the Turkish Silver Collection

Dazzling gemstones create a unique design in our Sapphire Collection.  Delicate blue, yellow, and white sapphires are arranged in concentric circles to create an "eye" which hangs from a 14 carat white or gold chain.  Sparkles like diamonds, yet surprisingly affordable!
The striking contrast of black onyx and silver is a common motif found in traditional Turkish jewelry design. This promotion is for the pieces that include embedded marcasite, adding a lovely depth and character to this jewelry.  From rings and necklaces to earrings, each piece in our Black Onyx Collection is hand selected for its authentic design features and exceptional quality. Each exclusive design varies in size, shape and carat weight.
Each bracelet in our collection is crafted from the highest grade of .925 silver and is an original design.  Inspired from the Ottoman period in Turkish history, these bracelets reflect the essence of Turkish artistry. Choose one of the intricately designed cuff bracelets or a simple bangle to create your own fashion statement.



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