Semi-Precious Stones and their Turkish Legends

At Beksan Imports, most of our jewelry collection is designed with semi-precious stones.  While we select them for their beauty, we look for stones that have "meaning" to enhance their personal value.  In Turkish culture, each one of our jewelry collections has some intrinsic value for the person wearing the jewelry. Starting with our Birthstone Ring Collection, many myths and legends exist about the healing powers of birthstones and their therapeutic properties. In Turkey, it is believed that wearing a birthstone during its assigned month enhances its healing powers. While each stone is thought to provide a unique benefit; wearing any birthstone at any time is commonly associated with positive feelings and well-being. Moving onto our Black Onyx Collection, Turks believe that onyx stones have properties that help protect the wearer from harm. According to the Encyclopedia of Gemstones, “Onyx is associated with strength, and is considered to be a “grounding” stone. This gemstone eliminates negative thinking and is also believed to sharpen the wits of the wearer.” Set in sterling alone or with marcasite, the intensity of the stone is enhanced, resulting in pieces that are as bold as they are beautiful. Our Sapphire Collection consists of pieces in a modern "evil eye" design.  Throughout Turkey and the rest of the world, “eye” charms have been worn in various forms to protect individuals from the harm they believe is transmitted by those who are envious.  As beautiful as it is protective, these "eye" charms are thought to bring good fortune to those who wear them. Throughout history, people have worn various gems as jewelry, believing that the stones would give them positive energy and special healing powers. According to legends, each stone provides the wearer with a different power depending upon its unique shape, type and color.  Explore Beksan Imports' Turkish jewelry collections to find the piece that matches your mood!
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