The Magic of Rubies and other Red Gemstones

July’s birthstone is the stunning Ruby.  "Ruby" derives from the Latin "rubens"/"ruber" which means "red.” From ancient times, the ruby signified power and vitality. It has been called "the king of gemstones." It is said that warriors embedded rubies in their skin to give them courage and protection when they went into battle. The ruby was also considered to be a talisman to ward off danger, evil and even bad dreams. As a gemstone, did you know that rubies are second to diamonds in mineral hardness, containing aluminum oxide and chrome?  And what makes them more valuable to jewelers is their relative scarcity.  The deeper the red color, the more valuable the ruby. As a birthstone, decorative jewelry piece, or in an engagement ring, the ruby captures everyone’s attention.  We offer a ruby gemstone ring that reflects the beauty of the stone in a hand-made setting.  For more information about rubies: Agates, Carnelians, and Garnets are also popular “red” stones.  Here is some information we’ve uncovered about them: Agate:  A gemstone that is striped in its natural state and can be found in a variety of colors; here we are focusing on red agate.  At Beksan Designs we work with different shades of solid red agate.  In ancient times, agate was highly valued as a traveler’s amulet because it was believed to bring good fortune, health, wealth and long life. Carnelian:  This gemstone belongs to the quartz family and is usually found in a deep reddish color.  This stone has been said to help blood disorders and eliminate toxins from the body.  In addition, this stone is said to stimulate creativity, is a motivator, and would be a good stone for people starting new projects. Garnet:  These gemstones have been traced to prehistoric times, garnets come in many colors but the most popular is a reddish brown color.  Garnets are found in jewelry made during ancient times including: Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras.  We also offer a garnet ring in our distinctive Gemstone Collection, check it out! Gemstone information adapted from Mr. Bead, Our ruby, red agate, cornelian and garnet jewelry can be found in our retailers, events, and some are on line at  Try one and enjoy the experience!

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