On the Road Again!

Oh, to take in the aromas of different countries again!  Every country and city, for that matter, has its own set of smells.  Early in the morning in Paris, the sweet aroma of freshly baked breads and pastries waft through the air.  In Istanbul, we love the aroma of barbecued corn and roasted chestnuts coming from every street corners.  In July, Meyla and her family are spending time in France, England, and then Istanbul to work with our artisans to create new Fall designs.  I will be remembering all the wonderful aromas and experiences from my trip in March.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we couldn’t travel together this season, but what’s great is that has created two opportunities to bring new exciting new products to you! We are continuing to expand our product offerings in our Antika collection.  Semi-precious stones set in diverse metals continue to be in high demand so we keep working with them in different combinations.  The new necklaces we’ve created, setting these stones within a heavier link 24kt gold vermeil chain, have been very well received and we will design more of them.  Putting together different combinations of shapes and colors of our two stone necklaces is also lots of fun.  But it’s our Antika earrings that still rule the show, both the semi-precious stone earrings and the new hammered gold geometric shaped ones! We’re also expanding the variety of bracelets we offer.  And what’s fun is that you can mix and match the different types and styles to create a “layered” look that is truly your own!   We’re so looking forward to seeing our designs come alive through our Turkish artisans.  Look out for lots of different bracelets in 24k gold vermeil, zinc, brass, silver, crystal, and leather! What’s great is that Meyla will be spending a week in Paris before heading onto Istanbul.  There, she will get a pulse on the most up-to-date fashion and accessory styles to share with all of us!  The Parisians are experts at eye-catching, sophisticated looks.  So stay tuned as we will be posting blogs from the streets of Europe  in the month of July!  And please let us know any jewelry or accessories that you would REALLY like to see as part of Beksan Designs! We hope Beksan Designs will continue to be the answer for your jewelry & accessory shopping pleasure… for you, a family member or a friend!  For orders in July, you can shop online at www.beksandesigns.com or for faster service, please contact Nevra directly at nevra@beksandesigns.com

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