Turkish Sapphire and Diamond Collection

This finely crafted line of jewelry combines the essence of Turkish tradition with modern artistic designs. Delicate blue, white and yellow sapphires are arranged in concentric circles to resemble an eye and are complemented with either 14-carat white or yellow gold chains. Embedded in round or teardrop-shaped pendants, these contemporary “eye” charms sparkle brilliantly. The person wearing these brilliant jewelry pieces can enjoy the gems for the art of the jewelry. Tradition states that the look or stare of a jealous or envious person can be harmful to the person, their family or finances. Therefore, many cultures have made it a custom to place the evil eye charm on one’s person in the form of jewelry, or in one’s home hanging on a wall as a way to keep themselves and their families in good health, and their homes safe. Responding to the demand for new and unique “eyes,” we work closely with fine jewelers in Istanbul to ensure that only sapphires of the highest quality are used to create the pendants found in our collection. In Turkey, blue is the most traditional of evil eye colors, hence the use of blue sapphires in this novel collection. The addition of white and yellow sapphires serves to bring out the inherent brilliance of the blue, adding depth and dimension. The artistic use of the gems mirrors the tradition of the culture in a subtle yet striking way.  When wearing a necklace, bracelet, or earrings from this collection, one is at the forefront of fashion while preserving protection from the envious.

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