Abundance & Prosperity: Embrace the Power of Green Gemstones

Step into a world of abundance and prosperity with the vibrant energy of green gemstones.  Did you know that these beautiful stones hold the key to enhancing your wellbeing and success in your life?  Explore the magic of the green and green/blue gemstones and discover which one resonates with your aspirations in the year ahead!

Green Aventurine – A stone of Vitality and Growth

      Key Words: Vitality, Growth

      Emotion word: Confidence.

      Are you seeking a change in fortune or a boost in prosperity?  Look no further than green aventurine.  Known as a talisman for success, and good luck, this gemstone infuses your life with abundance and positive energy.  Carry a piece in your pocket, wallet or wear this beautiful gemstone to attract prosperity and success.   

Green Quartz – Igniting Abundance and Creativity

      Key Words: Abundance, Creativity

      Emotion word: Empathy. 

Green quartz sparks creativity and intuition, transforming negativity into a wellspring of positivity.  This enchanting stone cultivates success, prosperity, and abundance in your endeavors.  Allow its energies to guide you towards new opportunities and creative expressions.   

Jade ~ Balancing Health and Abundance


      Key Words: Health, Abundance

      Emotion words: Joy, Balance

      A symbol of harmony and prosperity, green jade supports emotional healing and personal growth.  Its powerful presence fosters physical and emotional wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety.  Invite abundance into your life with jade by your side!

At Beksan Designs we curate exquisite jewelry pieces infused with the power of gemstones.  Discover YOUR Gemstone with us. We’ll guide you towards the perfect adornment, designed not only to enhance your beauty but also to invite abundance, creativity, and harmony into your life.

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Whether it’s earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or ring, let the allure of these gemstones inspire you to look and feel your best.  

We invite you to experience the magic today!


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