Spring Fashion Colors 2024

It’s Spring and what comes to mind? Perhaps flowers, longer days, and Springtime colors!  

At Beksan Designs, we love the outdoors, walking, biking, seeing spectacular sunsets over the Pacific, and discovering new ways to incorporate these Spring fashion colors into your Spring/Summer wardrobe. And that includes jewelry and accessories too! 

Color is key in transitioning from winter to spring. It appears this season’s colors evoke a desire for a softer, slower, yet vibrant lifestyle. We are seeing blues everywhere as well as red and soft pastel pinks in the new handbags, jewelry, and dresses on the runways.  A couple of other vibrant colors are blood orange and green.

Spring forecast for other top fashion colors and corresponding gemstones:


Purple & Lavender ~ gemstone amethyst

Blue ~ gemstones blue quartz, lapis and turquoise  

Blue Sapphire Necklace Long 3 Strand 

Coral Pink ~ gemstone rose quartz

Rose Quartz Square Pendant & Silver Chain 

Pistachio Green & Teal ~ gemstone chalcedony and green quartz


Red ~ gemstone carnelian or red agate 

Adding jewelry or accessories in these trending Spring colors is an easy way to update your look. At Beksan Designs, you can find many of these colors in our beautiful gemstone earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.  

Also check out our silk scarves and other accessories that are perfect for Spring & Summer! 

Hope we will see you at an in-person or virtual event soon!!


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