Amber: What it's all about

Surprisingly, amber is not actually a stone at all but is fossilized resin! That is why there are the stunning inclusions which makes each amber “stone” visually unique. Beautiful jewelry made from amber resembles gemstones which is why it is sold as a one. Amber has continued to be a valued gemstone due to its healing properties and beauty. It eases stress by clearing phobias or fears and amber is a lovely warm stone to wear. Amber also encourages patience and flexibility. Its’ warm, bright energy promotes cheerfulness and trust, and strengthens the belief in oneself. Who wouldn’t want these energies and beauty with them on a regular basis?

Amber has been worn for centuries.  Archaeologists have found carved amber pieces in graves dating back to 2000 BC and it continues to be popular today. At Beksan Designs, we find distinctive amber pendants with delicate inclusions to create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind necklaces.  Here are some of the benefits associated with amber through the ages:

  • Per Nammu, “Romans always carried amber beads that they rubbed in their hands for strength.  Amber was widely spread in the form of amulets and talismans, usually used as gifts. In addition, it was believed that amber brings victory in battle and fertility, so a large part ancient amber pieces are martial or fertility amulets. Since yellow was held in esteem as an imperial color, amber’s value increased so much.” 
  • It was also believed, and still is, that amber is a natural purifier, valued for its ability to decrease pain and disease from mind, body and spirit, transforming them into clear, positive energy. This is probably why amber is seen as a good remedy against insomnia to give you a deep and refreshing sleep. Just place pieces of amber under a pillow or at the head of the bed.
  • Another popular healing property of amber comes from Asian ancient manuscripts where “pieces of amber were carried for protection during long travels, as well as used to treat jaundice.”


We understood from the Numma article, “amber was believed to possess magical properties that positively impact psychological, emotional and mental states. It was believed (and is still believed now) that amber can influence people’s emotions and the bright energy of amber brings cheerfulness and strengthens the belief in oneself. Thus, it was a valued commodity for trade among ancient civilizations.”

Our amber pendent necklaces have been very popular at our in-person events and now we know why!  To experience the beauty and healing benefits of amber, check them out at an upcoming event or contact us at for more information.


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