Life Lessons: Mixing Business and Volleyball!

Who makes YOU smile?  Is it a good friend, family member or someone special in your life?  Having enjoyable connections makes a big difference for us all!  We want to share an interesting story on how making connections can make a difference both personally and professionally! 

Recently, our 16 year old daughter, who is an avid volleyball player, participated in a try-out for Team USA Beach Volleyball High Performance National Training.  She was super excited when she got selected and was thrilled to go to Georgia for training.  She would like to play Beach Volleyball at the college level, has been on school teams and many club teams but this was her first time at a Team USA Training Program.  All the girls get Team USA jerseys and one suddenly realizes that this is how Olympic athletes are developed! She immediately connected with the girls on the courts and I was fortunate to meet a group of fabulous moms from the LA area.  We bonded the first night at a lovely restaurant in Cartersville, adult moms and volleyball girls.  Making connections was key to having a fabulous time in Cartersville those 5 days! By the way, Cartersville is about an hour north of Atlanta, Georgia.

During dinner, I shared all about Beksan Designs with everyone, explaining to my new friends how we love to create unique jewelry pieces that make our customers smile!  One of the moms suggested we go check out the town and see if any Cartersville stores would want to carry Beksan Designs.  This same lovely mom was also my hiking buddy the 4 days we were in the area.

We went to town the next day and parked in front of a really cute store that was having a sale on picture frames and posters.  We noticed some lovely jewelry in the window and started to talk to the woman who owned the store.  We found out she was originally from Marin County which is just north of San Francisco.  I shared what we do at Beksan Designs and a connection was created. Valli’s goal is to share diverse, handmade art with the folks in Cartersville and she loved some of the sample Beksan pieces I showed her.  She selected several to put on consignment and we would see how it goes.  We left her 7 pieces from our Antika Collection, gemstones set in silver dipped in 24k gold vermeil.  The very first day two pieces sold and by the end of the month even more sales!  A second shipment has since been sent to Valli who is at Wall 2 Wall Frames & Artist Boutique in Cartersville, Georgia.  An incredible way to mix volleyball and business but fundamentally the key being making new connections and learning from each other!

We’re also continuing to expand our presence in both Northern and Southern California.  Any suggestions for stores you would like to see us in?  We hope you will check out our events, website or stop, by one of our retail partners.  Thank you for being a part of our story and all your support!


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