Bracelet and Ring Pairing Tips!

One of the more overlooked yet crucial combinations in completing an outfit is combining bracelets and rings. Because rings and bracelets share the same space on your body, it’s particularly important to pay attention to the nuances of creating a unified look. Here are some tips to make a great impression with bracelets and rings:   1) Keep it Light The key to wearing bracelets and rings is to keep it light. Avoid jewelry overload by being selective about your bracelets and rings. Select whether you’re going to make a statement with your ring or bracelet, often an eye-catching gemstone ring will do the trick. If you decide your gemstone ring is the center of attention, then complement it with bracelets that are thin, subdued, and work well with your statement ring. An example would be pairing a black onyx and marcasite ring with one of our single strand crystal magnet bracelets. If you choose a bracelet as your centerpiece, then flank it with rings that are light and complementary. Such choices will ensure that your hand and wrist don’t appear overwhelmed by accessories.   2) Complementary Colors Finding bracelets and rings that are exactly the same hue can be an enjoyable challenge. But for the most part, combining bracelets and rings is all about choosing hues that are surprisingly complementary. Some of the best combinations include: pink and yellow gold or turquoise with white gold. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own color combinations.   3) Layering and Stacking Layering bracelets that complement each other is currently trending. Try fun combinations to achieve maximum impact. You can mix metals with leather and different gemstones to create the look that’s right for you. Stacking rings is another twist in layering—this time “layering” rings! Thin gemstone or crystal rings are perfect candidates for stacking and create a dramatic look that is both fashionable and fun! Our Beksan Designs crystal stacking rings have been super popular!   4) Ring Combos It’s also cool to create different combinations of rings across hands. In fact, the look can even feel edgy. Some women like to have one “stand-out” ring with another smaller ring flanking it. Others combine a variety of dainty rings, adding a ring to the fore or middle finger for extra style.   At Beksan Designs, we have a wide variety of bracelets and rings across our different collections. And in March all bracelets are 30% at Check out our jewelry collections and discover the bracelets and rings that can create a special look for you!

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