How to Untangle a Necklace

What a drag when you have a knot in your favorite necklace! We have found that the longer and thinner the chain the more complicated it is to untie. Here are 5 easy tips to help you untangle a necklace:  
  • Undo the clasp or latch to start ~ if you undo the clasp this will separate the necklace strands allowing the two pieces to slide through the knot. If multiple necklaces are tangled, undoing a clasp will enable each one to separate more easily.
  • Lay out the necklace(s) on a flat and firm surface and have a magnifier or reading glasses handy to better see the knot. The flat surface will provide stability and will prevent other tangles from occurring while you are working.
  • Use needles to untangle the knot. It is suggested that you use one or two needles to separate the chains combined in a knot. These needles can be a sewing needle or safety pin. It is important to wiggle the needle back and forth to loosen and then undo the knot.
  • You can also apply oil to the knot. Dab a drop of olive or baby oil onto the knot of the necklace than gently massage the oil into the knot until the oil has seeped into its crevices. Oil loosens metal and makes it slippery and easier to unknot.
  • Remove the oil once the chain has been untangled. Jewelry cleaner works best to clean the oil off the necklace(s). Usually jewelry cleaner comes with a brush so you can gently brush the oiled area on the chain with cleaning solution and rinse off with water. Jewelry cleaners can be purchased at most jewelry or convenience stores.
  Adapted from:   We hope these tips will be helpful to untangle your necklaces. We’re constantly working to craft new necklace designs that are unique and fashionable. We want you to feel “special” every time you wear something from Beksan Designs.   Remember this month our online promotion is 30% Off ALL Necklaces!! Find the gemstone, silver pendant, zinc, or crystal necklace that’s right for you or as a gift to someone special! Thank you again for your support and we wish you a wonderful rest of February!

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