Celebrating Fall in Istanbul!

Wow what an amazing trip we had; it was great spending time together in Istanbul creating new beautiful handcrafted jewelry & accessories just for YOU!

In Istanbul, we met up at our favorite Niles Hotel, located in the heart of Beyazit, a stone’s throw from the Grand Bazaar.  Their traditional Turkish roof top breakfasts with a view of the sea began each working day.  Prior to leaving California, we had emailed our artisan colleagues some creative, new designs and looked forward to seeing the results!

Our days were spent working alongside Beksan Designs’ artisans and in the evening we treated ourselves to delightful dinners.  We returned to two of our favorite rooftop restaurants “Seven Hills Restaurant” and “Olive Anatolian” both in the old town, with great food and amazing views.  And enjoyed, Old Ottoman Café and Restaurant, where the waiter broke a clay pot and an amazing chicken casserole filled with a variety of vegetables emerged.


Working with our artisan partners in their studios was so rewarding, especially seeing our designs come to life.  Sharing that experience with each other makes these trips very special.  Now we’re excited to show you our new Fall rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, & beautiful scarves.  Come and see them at an upcoming event near you, event info at https://beksandesigns.com/pages/events , or make a personal shopping appointment with nevra@beksandesigns.com or  meyla@beksandesigns.com


As you step out this Fall, we also wanted to share with you this season’s top ten fashion colors.

  • Whisky Brown: a warm, enveloping hue, just like the famous liquor.
  • Cherry Red: a “full-bodied” color, ideal to enhance velvet, tulle and satin.
  • Digital Blue: the color of almost all social networks, that evokes technology, and the future.
  • Fuchsia Pink: Exuberant if worn from head to toe, or as a creative detail. 
  • Lavender: also called “lilac”, it’s a pastel tone that, unlike pink or baby blue can add character to a statement or intricate outfit.
  • Orange: Fall’s symbolic hue, it will stand out with all its “vitaminic” effect.
  • Sapphire Yellow: to uplift classic patterns, like florals or checks.
  • Olive Green: apparently subdued, it is similar to military green but has a golden undertone.
  • Marble Gray: it’s the new black, perfect from am to pm, from office suit to cocktail dress. 
  • Silver: shiny and with a mirrored effect.

Whether in clothing or Beksan Designs’ gemstone jewelry, find the colors that work best for you!  Happy Fall!


Adapted from: https://www.vogue.it/en/fashion/trends/2018/08/30/ten-color-trends-for-fall-winter-2018-2019/?refresh_ce=


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