Travel Light to one of the 5 of the Best Coastal Cities in the World!

We were intrigued when we saw an article in Conde Nest Traveler that identified the best coastal cities in the world and how they figured it out.  We learned Chicago Line Cruises analyzed coastal cities based on food, music, nature, architecture, quality of life, etc. to determine which by-the-water places stood out from the pack.  So here are 5 of these fab coastal cities:

  • Bangkok, Thailand: “With winding canals, floating markets, stunning Buddhist art and architecture and some of the best street food, it’s not a wonder Bangkok made the list.”  We loved the canals and floating markets when we visited Bangkok and the Grand Palace is stunning. 
  • New Orleans, Louisiana: “Famous for its laid-back culture and non-stop nightlife, New Orleans is called The Big Easy for a reason.”   It is known for Mardi Gras, Creole cuisine and the melding of French, African and American flavors.  We loved the night life and all the colorful beads.
  • Istanbul, Turkey: “As the largest city in Europe, it straddles the continental divide, built on both sides of the Bosphorus Strait.”  The vibrant markets, the Blue Mosque and all the beautiful jewels keeps us coming back!
  • Los Angeles, California: “Home to Hollywood, 871 museums and galleries (more than any other city in the world, per capita), sunny LA is the second largest city in the U.S.” The beautiful ocean views, the diverse restaurants, and fun music venues is why LA makes the list.
  • Auckland, New Zealand ~ “Sandwiched between two harbors and sitting atop a volcanic field, Auckland, nicknamed the “The City of Sails,” has thousands of sandy beaches perfect for anything from surfing to sunbathing.”  We were told it is beautiful!  So now it is time to go traveling!


No matter where you travel by air, you will be facing longer security lines, so what is the trick to packing light and stylish while visiting a new city?  Here are some packing “light” tips we’ve learned work well for 1-2 week trip:

  • Two pairs of pants/jeans; we prefer a darker base color as it shows less dirt and wrinkles, black and blue are our favorites.
  • Mix and match tops and cardigans; 5 casual tops and a couple of dressier ones.  Coordinate with 1-2 cardigans or light jackets that work across colors.
  • Add a skirt; midi-length is popular now and knee-length works everywhere. Try to coordinate so the tops you bring for pant bottoms also work with the skirt you’re bringing.
  • One or two wrinkle free dresses; A versatile black or blue dress in a material that can be folded without wrinkling is perfect for different weather climates and for evenings
  • Limit # of shoes; they add weight and take up space. We suggest 3 at most, wear one and bring 2.  A workable combo is a pair of walking or athletic shoes, a pair of closed toe shoes or booties (depending on where you’re going) and a pair of sandals or flip-flops.
  • A lightweight jacket or windbreaker and Merino clothing; Especially if you’re traveling to a place where it rains is windy or cooler in the evening.
  • Accessorize with a scarf and jewelry; These are lightweight and an easy way to change up any outfit. A silk or cotton scarf is perfect.  Bring along a statement necklace, gemstone earrings, sterling silver necklace or pendant, a fun bracelet and your look will be complete!
  • Pack a daypack or bag inside your fullsize suitcase: Great to have a second bag if needed and also a wonderful way to carry stuff around while touring a city or hiking in the countryside.


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