Eco-Friendly Jewelry & Style Trends!

Eco-Friendly Jewelry & Style Trends!

It’s wonderful to share our eco-friendly metals with our customers.  As we think about Earth Day this time of year, we are grateful to be using sustainable metals in our jewelry.  

We use a base metal of zinc which is prolific in nature and dip it in sterling silver for some of our jewelry pieces.  Zinc dipped in silver is considered a sustainable metal.  We love to also work with sterling silver and .925 sterling silver dipped in 24k gold (melted) over silver which is considered vermeil.  We use natural gemstones and set them in various eco-friendly metals.

It has been fun discovering what jewelry styles are popular in 2021 with our fabulous shoppers. Here are our top picks:

  • Geometric shapes and pendant necklaces to layer. We love creating geometric-shaped jewelry using eco-friendly metals, including zinc dipped in sterling silver, sterling silver, and silver dipped in 24k gold vermeil.  Our square Tree of Life necklace pendants have been very popular, layered with our longer link chain necklaces!  
tree of life
  • Mixing shapes and textures: For example, a pendant necklace with our zinc dipped in silver bead and leather long necklace is a beautiful combination. Pendant necklaces can be layered or worn alone.  Get creative and see which necklace layering design works best for you! 
  • Bracelets for stacking: Customers enjoy our diverse styles of bracelets that are perfect for stacking. Mix and match Beksan bracelets with semi-precious stones, leather, solid hammered metals, and those with inlaid crystals. Other “go-to” bracelets are bangles or cuffs that slip on easily. Our Swarovski small crystal round hook & eye 24k gold vermeil bracelet can be worn alone or stacked.   
  • Inspiring colors and raw gemstones: Spring and summer fashion is all about color and our variety of gemstones complement this trend. Our hand-selected raw and cut gemstones are crafted into many different style bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings.  Blue hue stones, such as lapis, blue aquamarine, or turquoise are especially popular now. What is your preference, gemstones set in sterling silver, 24kt gold vermeil, or leather? 

  • Statement rings and stacking rings:  Our large stone, two stone, and three stone rings as well as stacking rings are both timeless and trending now. Some gemstones as you know represent good luck or strength.  These rings are adjustable and have been popular with all ages. This could be a fun graduation or birthday gift.  We offer stacking rings in yellow gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil, or sterling silver.  Create a unique and distinctive ring combination for you or a loved one! 

  • Hoop and stud earrings: This is part of the minimalist look that is circular and complements current fashion trends.  We have stunning crystal hoop and stud earrings in beautiful geo shapes where you will stand out day or night. 

We’re incorporating these trends into all of our latest designs. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve put together selected sustainable jewelry pieces in all of the newest styles to create our Mother Earth collection.  Click HERE to check it out now and have fun shopping! 


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