Experience the Miracles of Crystals & Gemstones

It’s the season for crystal gemstone jewelry.  Yet, beyond the shimmer and shine, they are part of the Earth, which provides powerful spiritual meaning and healing properties.

Nature is abundant. Natural crystals and minerals are a part of nature and are here for you to enjoy.  Unlike diamonds, crystals aren’t controversial. Crystals are gemstones we can all enjoy during this holiday season (especially approaching the end of this very strange year 2020)!

We would like to share the meaning behind black and white crystals & gemstones so you can benefit from their healing powers and understand the benefits of wearing jewelry.

Black crystals & gemstones are very protective. They offer you a retreat, and the safety of being hidden from your enemies. You can use these powerful pieces of jewelry as protective amulets. Black crystals are the perfect stone to wear when you are in need of feeling secure and protected.

Black crystal gemstones such as hematite, agate, black tourmaline, and onyx, are power stones and will calm your fears and leave you feeling supported.

Onyx has stripes of white protected by black which serves as a protective shield that will give you a sense of power. Wearing onyx jewelry will make you feel secure, daring, and physically stronger. 

Dark-colored crystals will also deepen your connection to the physical and natural world. Feel stronger and more powerful when you wear a beautiful black onyx or agate pendant or stylish pair of black crystal earrings from Beksan Designs!

White crystals are the essence of cleanliness, purity, unity, and innocence. White is the color we see when the moon reflects the sun’s light to us. White is used as the universal color of peace with white doves and white flags representing freedom and hope.

White, clear crystal bracelets and earrings are popular gifts as they symbolize new beginnings. The glittery shine of wearing white crystals is a great mood enhancer too which this year can be particularly helpful.

Our Beksan crystal jewelry (Swarovski crystals) have been very popular especially our stacking rings, thin inlay & X bracelets and our half hoop crystal earrings. 

To learn more about the wisdom behind crystals, click HERE https://beksandesigns.com/blogs/news/gemstone-meanings-what-s-your-pick-stress-relief-love-or-abundance to see a more complete list.  Or, hit reply and let us know if you have any questions. 

Come and experience the many benefits that crystals can provide for you.  Check out our beautiful array of crystal bracelets, crystal necklaces, crystal earrings, and crystal rings.  https://beksandesigns.com/collections/crystal-collection-auto

You are sure to find something that will make you sparkle this holiday season, or the perfect gift to make that special person on your list smile.

Looking forward to seeing you virtually or in person during one of our upcoming events.


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