Tips for Best Necklace Choices for Different Outfits

Tips for Best Necklace Choices  for Different Outfits

Our TIPS on how to best wear necklaces so you will shine wherever you may be (at home, on a Zoom call, or at the grocery store)!  


  • Boat Neck tops or dresses: Go with a short necklace or longer necklace. Our long gemstone necklace is perfect!
  • Buttoned down shirt: A shorter necklace for an open collar or longer with a closed collar. Our gemstone bead necklaces, or a gemstone pendant would make this outfit pop.
  • Crew Neck: A statement necklace that covers the top part of the crewneck or a longer necklace that lengthens the neckline pairs well with a crew neck top.  Try one of our zinc dipped in silver statement necklaces or gemstone necklaces.
  • One shoulder: Might be better to skip the necklace and go with dramatic earrings. A pair of our double stone or gold & stone Antika timeless earrings are striking and will add color!
  • Strapless tube top or dress: You have full creativity here, pick something that is striking and goes with the outfit. An interesting necklace has more impact, maybe a crystal choker?
  • Turtle Neck: Ideal for longer chain style necklaces or bold pendants. Our hematite and crystal necklace or silver/gold chains would look beautiful.
  • V neck: We like to pair a v-neck with a simple pendant for a classy understated look. Less is more in this case, for example; our sapphire pendant necklaces, a key to life, or good luck horse shoe?

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For more visual tips on wearing necklaces, check out the following:




Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful end of December and a Happy New Year 2021! 


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