Feel the Love in Pink or Purple!

With Valentine’s Day approaching let us think of what gemstones evoke feelings of “passion”, “desire” & ultimately “love” and “protection”.  Pink quartz is THE stone of love and purple Amethyst is February’s birthstone for protection.  Amethyst is a spiritual energy stone per www.crystalvaults.com meaning, “a stone of purification; cleansing one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments. It creates a resonant shield of spiritual Light around the body.”


On Valentine’s Day we give gifts to that special someone, whether it’s your partner, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, or close friend.  At Beksan Designs, we have lots of unique, handcrafted, stylish gifts to choose from.  Our Antika collection offers semi-precious stone jewelry with garnets, rubies, rose quartz or amethyst.  A pair of gemstone earrings or another memorable jewelry piece makes a beautiful gift. Our accessory collections also offer beautiful “pink” and “purple” gift choices, including colorful coin purses or scarves.  Shine on Valentine’s Day by adding these shades to your look!


You may also want to find a gift that will complement clothing in these colors, whether it’s a dress, blouse or jacket.  Here are some other Beksan Designs’ gift ideas for Valentine’s Day: 

  • Black onyx earrings from our Antika collection set in 24k gold vermeil to complement a red, pink, or purple tone top
  • A two to three semi-precious stone ring or a gemstone ring with a semi-precious stone set in 24k gold flanked by two small diamonds to create a memory that lasts forever
  • A bracelet or earrings from our crystal collection goes beautifully with any color and will make your Valentine sparkle
  • A rose quartz and leather necklace is especially stylish and will bring love to those who wear it

Whether you’re looking for a gift or an accessory for yourself, shop online or connect with us in person to assist you in selecting that perfect piece.  You can email meyla@beksandesigns.com or nevra@beksandesigns.com for personal shopping.  Wishing our Beksan Designs community a Happy February & Valentine’s Day!



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