Organizing Jewelry to make YOU Happy!

Have you been getting dressed and looking for a piece of jewelry and not able to find it?  OR, Do you have jewelry pieces you never wear?  At Beksan Designs, we’re here to make you look good and feel your best.  Part of that is sharing ideas on ways to organize your accessories to make room for new pieces that excite you!  Read on… 

Get to know the contents of your jewelry box: First identify what you currently have, what you like, what you would like to get rid of.  This will help you sell or donate some of your current pieces. As Marie Kondo would say “now is the time to eliminate what doesn’t make you happy!” Then dream about what new and fashionable pieces you would like to add in the future.  We know that when you add a stylish pair of earrings or a beautiful necklace, or bracelet to an outfit, it can immediately uplift you.

We also really like these organizing ideas from the Container Store at

Get Set to “Clean & Purge”: Pull out each jewelry piece and ask yourself:

  • Is it worn out or broken?
  • Is it more than three years old and have you worn it?
  • Are you tired of it? Is it out of style?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, put that item into one of three bags (consignment, donate, throw out). When the bag is full, give it to charity and take the tax write-off, or sell it at a consignment store and make some extra cash that you can use to fill gaps in your jewelry and accessory collection.


Compartmentalize for Easy Access: As the Container Store suggests, “Look for jewelry organizers with trays and inserts to hold rings and divided compartments to keep earrings and broaches separated. Put jewelry you tend to wear more often in the top layer.” To keep pieces from getting tangled in boxes, hang earrings around the edge of a bowl and places rings in the center.  The key is making your jewelry and accessories easily accessible so you’ll wear them.  Pick the organizing method that works best for YOU!


Time to Reap the Rewards: Now you’re ready to purchase some “dream” pieces, maybe with funds from selling those unwanted pieces?!  Check our website site where maybe you’ll find a GREAT new jewelry piece, scarf or other accessory that will make you happy! And our new Spring 2020 arrivals are coming soon! They will be available at our Beksan Designs Trunk Show Events or you can contact us directly at or for personal shopping!



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