Feeling Good with Gemstones & Jewelry

Customers tell us how much they love our jewelry and gemstones, and we’re often asked about their meaning.  

More recently, several asked when jewelry making started, so we decided to learn more about how jewelry began and makes us feel.

Here are a few feelings expressed directly from others: “Every piece of jewelry I have carries a piece of my story” or “Jewelry makes me feel beautiful,” and “I feel like this ring is taking care of me.”  YES, YES, YES straight from the Beksan Designs’ conversations we have heard from our customers!

The origin of wearing jewelry is ancient and we’ve been decorating ourselves through the ages. Animal teeth, bones, feathers, shells, and reeds adorned the bodies of our ancestors all the way to the royal and aristocratic jewels kept in museums today. Even those gold-colored studs on our boots nod to a richer history from the past.

Why do we decorate ourselves, you might ask? In the 1940’s, American psychologist Abraham Maslow came up with the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ – a pyramid with a base of physiological factors followed by safety, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization at its very tip.

If we look at jewelry through Maslow’s lens, then the wearing of it would fall into our higher needs. For example, for ‘love and belonging’, jewelry may have been used to attract mates by way of showing wealth, or through wooing by giving gifts (Valentine’s Day, n’est-ce-pas?)

Modern-day equivalents include engagement rings, those ‘best friend’ bracelets or our link circle necklaces.  This Beksan Designs’ piece has been very popular:

Clearly, jewelry is a form of self-expression. Whether it be a delicate chain or a choker, the things we choose to wear send a little message to those passing us by, and perhaps to ourselves, too.  Wearing jewelry gives us self-confidence too.

Can the pieces we wear change the way we see ourselves or how we feel? They can, for example, when I wear certain rings on my fingers, I feel empowered.  Others have meaning, like our silver evil eye bracelet which may keep negative thoughts away. 


Silver Evil Eye Bracelet 3 Strand Chain 

Importantly, we feel special when we dress with purpose and wear jewelry that is beautiful and unique. This contributes to the type of confidence that comes from being truly ourselves.

A few tips that may assist you:

Hope to see you soon at an in-person or online event!


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