Fun, Meaningful Gift Ideas!

Coming up with fun, meaningful gift ideas for a good friend or family member is tough. You don't want to give them just anything, and you want to make sure they'll have something to enjoy for years to come. The gift needs to be unique, personal, and meaningful. Jewelry and other accessories are great holiday gifts as they are personal and make the recipient feel “special.” If your friend likes jewelry & accessories, some of these ideas might suit their personality: Necklaces, Bracelets, or Rings with Gemstones: We love gemstones set in different metals. Learn the meaning behind the gemstone and select one accordingly or pick a color your friend or relative adores. Friendship bracelets: These used to be something young girls gave to their BEST FRIENDS but the concept has grown up and can work with any age friend. Think of you and your friend exchanging the same bracelets with crystals, gemstones or beads! Scarves and purses: Everyone loves a new scarf, handbag, wallet or small purse. Selecting one that is unique, fashionable in color(s) they love will make a memorable gift that is fun and useful. Gift Baskets are another fun way to show someone how special they are too: • Movie basket. Include a few of your friend's favorite movies along with popcorn, snacks and perhaps some yummy beverages. Put small items in the basket that relate to the movies, such as magazines with the stars inside, or a tell-all biography about the actor(s). Add any items that relate to the movie that your friend would enjoy. • Travel basket. If your friend has always wanted to go to a certain city (Istanbul or London for example) make up something that gives them everything they need to find their way around. Include a guidebook, foods from the area (you can find them on the Internet), or other travel accessories such as a Beksan Designs scarf or earrings! The basket can give them a nudge to make a reservation to go. • An "all about you" basket. Your friend is unique and probably has many things that define him or her, so center a basket around their individual personality. Take all the things your friend likes and put in small things that represent those qualities. If your pal enjoys tennis, for example, put a can of balls in the basket. A signed copy of a book from a favorite author can be a great gift for a book lover. Gardening gloves and seed packets are perfect for someone with a green thumb. You know what your friend would like best, so get creative. Adapted from: Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and remember Beksan Designs is here to help with all your gift-giving needs!

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