Tips to Look Younger in 2017!

Who wouldn’t want to look and feel younger in the New Year? Choices of what we eat, drink, wear, skincare products, and exercise have a direct impact on our appearance. We’ve learned through trial and error, that some small changes in your lifestyle can make a difference. Here are some simple tips to look younger in 2017!

• Hydration, hydration, hydration: Make a concerted effort to drink plenty of water daily. Not only does drinking water fill you up, it hydrates your skin and gives you more energy.

• Regular skin care regimen: Wash your face with a mild cleanser twice a day and use a high quality hydrating eye cream and moisturizer. Never sleep with your make-up on and try to get a facial once a quarter. Always use sunscreen!

• Sleep: Remember that sleep is a regeneration activity and doctors still recommend at least 7- 8 hours a night. When I sleep well, my skin is brighter, and there’s a youthful bounce in my step.

• Diet & Exercise: Commit to eating well, include lots of vegetables and fruit to maintain a healthy weight. Incorporate a regular exercise routine, even if it’s simply walking 30 minutes a day. Being fit and healthy will keep you looking and feeling younger

• Wardrobe & Accessories: Wear what looks good on you and choose clothes & accessories that flatter your “younger looking” assets. Jewelry and scarves can enhance youthfulness. You’ll look great in a colorful gemstone necklace or brightly colored scarf. Sparkling crystal rings, bracelets or necklaces will make you shine.

• Smile: One of the simplest things to brighten your whole being is a smile—a beautiful, joyful smile is ageless. Combine all of the above with a radiant smile and you will definitely look and feel younger!

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