Handcrafted Jewelry, What’s Popular Now!

Beksan Designs is all about handcrafted jewelry and accessories! We’re always doing research on what’s trending in handcrafted jewelry so we can design pieces for you that are cool and stylish! Fortunately, we are on track with what is in vogue this summer, let us know what you think!  
  • Big and bold: A major trend in handmade jewelry is chunky. Gemstone jewelry can be big and bold, especially if the stones used are generous sizes. Our new large gemstone statement necklaces are a great example of this trend! An impressive gemstone is suspended from distinctive strands & chains. Many of our zinc necklaces also are big and bold! We also offer other statement-making handcrafted jewelry like our new dome shaped zinc ring, leather bracelets and cuffs and layered multi-strand necklaces. These handmade jewelry pieces are perfect for those who prefer bold designs or like to stand out with unique jewelry!
  • Layers: Layered jewelry is popular as well today! Multi-strand necklaces and stacking bracelets are the more prevalent ways to layer jewelry this season. How about combining different silver necklaces by Beksan Designs, including our chain necklaces? We also have a variety of bracelet styles that are perfect for stacking. We love stacking our crystal magnet bracelets with our leather bracelets!
  • Sterling silver: As one of the more affordable precious metals, sterling silver continues to be popular in handmade jewelry. A unique piece of handcrafted silver jewelry will last for many years, look good with every outfit and never goes out of style. Beksan Designs handcrafted sterling silver based jewelry has been really popular, especially our crystal earrings and bracelets!
  • Bright colored stones: Especially trendy this summer are bright blues, pink, and green stones. Our Antika collection boasts a wide variety of semi-precious stones in these shades. Blue aquamarine, turquoise, rose quartz and green aventurine stones are delicately crafted into rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces set in 24kt gold vermeil. These are eye-catching pieces that will add color to your look!
  Filigree: Filigree detailing is very popular now in handcrafted jewelry, especially in earrings, ring mounts and pendant necklaces. Filigree is made with finer metals, like gold and silver, and its delicate design often leads to filigree jewelry becoming heirloom pieces. Jewelers roll the malleable metal into thin filaments or wires, and then use those wires to make intricate designs. Filigree is used to create distinct shapes or abstract designs. Handmade filigree jewelry is perfect when you need to dress up for an important meeting or nice evening out! Some of our earrings and ring settings use filigree detailing, especially in our Sapphire Collection!   We hope these tips are helpful and we invite you to explore the variety of handcrafted jewelry we offer at www.beksandesigns.com!

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