Jewelry Tips for Men!

Jewelry Tips for Men!

We know the average man has not flaunted much in the way of jewelry, usually just a watch, class ring and/or a wedding band if married. Earrings were once a viewed as a sign of rebellion and gold or platinum chains were reserved for the music scene or “gangster” look. Those days are gone, and many men have an appreciation of jewelry including pendants, rings, and bracelets.  So here are some jewelry tips for the men or special man in your life:

Rings – No longer just for the married, rings for men have grown in popularity. There are no rules for which hand or finger you adorn, except for wedding bands. Simplicity is important in wearing a ring fashionably.  Just recently a man bought one of our gemstone rings in silver.  It was a black onyx and silver ring and matched a beautiful bracelet he was wearing.   For the middle finger, select a statement piece, whether it is thick band or one with a cool stone set in it. Some attractive masculine stones are Black Onyx, Red Agate, Turquoise, or Amber.


Bracelets – Bracelets have increasingly become prevalent as a men’s fashion accessory. Our leather and silver magnetic clasp bracelets are popular with our male customers. They are fabricated from a variety of materials including steel, titanium, silver, and leather. Layering bracelets by wearing several made from similar materials in a mixture of weight and widths is also fashionable.


Necklaces – A leather necklace with a stone pendant has an earthy look and depending on the color stone can be very flattering on a man. Black or brown leather with a bold chunky silver pendant is a modern, artistic look.  Suspending a Turquoise stone is also attractive and masculine.


Watches – The watch has gone beyond being simply a practical device that keeps time. Watches have become a centerpiece for men’s accessories, less of a timekeeper and more of a piece of jewelry. Whichever style desired, the face of the watch becomes the fashion statement. Larger, bolder watch faces are more stylish now, as you can be sure everyone will be checking out what you’re are sporting.

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Have you ever thought about what catches your eye about someone’s look?  It’s great to see men wearing fashionable accessories to accent their appearance. Adding jewelry or a scarf/face mask is a fun change and makes a great gift too!  Check out the array of jewelry & accessories we offer at to select a leather bracelet, or scarf for yourself or a man in your life. Remember, Father’s Day is June 21st…. Check out our upcoming virtual or curbside events at and Happy June! 

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