Jewelry Trend: 5 Easy Ways to Wear Mixed Metals


Did you know mixing different metals and experimentation with diverse jewelry styles is happening amongst many women we have met at shows, online and on social media. Sterling silver and white gold make a striking contrast to yellow gold and can enhance any look. 

So, if you want to give your classic jewelry a new twist, try mixing silver and gold necklaces, bracelets and rings. It’s one of the latest jewelry trends. You may think it’s breaking the rules, but the rules are changing! 

Along with not wearing white after Labor Day (especially in Northern California when Indian Summer hits in September and October) and matching your bag to your shoes, the former rules no longer apply. It’s fun and exciting to mix up your wardrobe and your accessories. So, why not mix up your jewelry? Go from “matchy-matchy” to stylish and fresh.

Here are 5 easy ways to embrace the mixed metal jewelry trend we are seeing in 2021:


1. Don’t count your wedding ring as the only color metal you will wear!

Since you probably wear your wedding and engagement rings every day, they are considered a staple and don’t count as accessories. If your rings are gold, don’t worry about wearing a silver necklace and earrings. And if they’re white gold or platinum, it’s okay to wear a gold statement necklace. What do you think of this layered look? 

2. Try stacking

Stacking rings (think crystal stack rings), layering bracelets or necklaces in mixed metals creates an attractive look. To pull it off, keep the styles and overall appearance the same. So, a modern silver necklace won’t work well with a delicate gold chain. However, three necklaces of similar weight in different metals can look great.

To style up your wrist, combine bracelets in different metals on the same wrist as your watch. Our Beksan crystal inlay stacking bracelets or our black onyx and 24k gold vermeil bead bracelet would look great with a watch or other bracelets. Go ahead and stack them on for a trend-setting look! 


3. Wear at least one combination piece

If you wear one piece of jewelry that already combines the metals you’re mixing, the look easily comes together. So, if you wear a necklace that has both silver and gold, add rings or earrings made of either metal. By having a piece that mixes metals, you can easily accessorize with other jewelry that coordinates with the color and style.  Our gold and silver bar earrings or our silver bar and gold chain necklace are beautiful examples. 

Beksan Designs creates necklaces, earrings and rings that combine silver and gold, including these fabulous earrings! 

 4. Try using diverse hardware

Mixed metals on zippers, buckles and hinges – the hardware on your bags, shoes, sunglasses – no problem. Don’t worry about whether these metals match, step out of the box and try it! If it really bothers you, avoid shoes and bags with too much visible metal. Better yet, add gold and silver jewelry to go along with these other accessories. 

5. Make it look visually attractive

You do want to make mixing metals look appealing, so put some thought into it. Make sure the pieces you choose complement each other and match your style. One good idea is to start with mostly one metal then add just a little of the other. So, if you’re wearing mostly silver jewelry, add a gold bracelet in a similar style to mix it up. 

We hope that you are ready to embrace this jewelry trend! Just remember, when it comes to mixing metals – gold and silver jewelry – the real rules are to try different combinations, have fun, and be confident while experimenting with mixed metals. 



Visit us at an in-person or virtual event and we’ll share styling tips on ways to combine silver and gold metals to create your unique look.  We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you soon!  Click HERE to see all upcoming events.


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