Made with LOVE = Beksan Designs

Creating a family business has been the realization of Meyla's life-long dream and Nevra’s love of travel & languages.  We are grateful to have each other as sisters, Nevra and Meyla, working together as co-founders of Beksan Designs.  

However, what was truly gratifying was seeing our Turkish mother's eyes light up knowing we named our company after her father.  Beksan was his surname, and our family business honors the legacy of our grandfather.  It has been a true labor of love!  We continue to hold on to our travel and childhood memories and want to share our inspiration for creating Beksan Designs with you.


As children we learned so much from our grandmother.  Together, we visited Topkapi Palace and discovered the beauty of both precious and semi-precious gemstones.  Emeralds, diamonds, mother of pearl set-in daggers, and beautiful antique Ottoman era jewelry pieces captivated our attention. 

We acquired an appreciation for the essential balance between beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship.  We discovered our love for jewelry in the shops of Istanbul, Turkey. The unique look of Ottoman era jewelry made with natural gemstones, 24k gold, and sterling silver served as the inspiration for Beksan Designs brand aesthetic.

As sisters, we agreed that we wanted to create a stylish, sustainably sourced, high quality, and affordable jewelry business.  With those values in mind, we started by creating our Gemstone & Crystal Collections.   

The metals used are eco-friendly, meaning a sterling silver base dipped into melted 24k gold, known as 24k gold vermeil, or bonded 14 and 24k gold fill (bonded gold).  Of note, our silver collection is made with .925 pure sterling silver. 

Some of our favorite gemstones include labradorite, mother of pearl, rose quartz, lapis, and turquoise. We hand select our stones and all pieces are hand crafted.  

In 2011, Beksan Designs was born, is here for you today, and hopefully for many years to come.  Before passing away, our mom was thrilled that the jewelry and accessories we offer have been so well received and that we are sharing her heritage with our customers.  We are lucky that she understood and shared the joy and excitement we’ve experienced in developing this business.  

We hope you explore our website, join our VIP Insider Club, visit virtual or In-Person Shows, and contact us directly for any jewelry or gift giving needs.  Creating a legacy that reflects one’s heritage while sharing the beauty and magic of Turkey and the United States is what Beksan Designs is all about. We appreciate our customers and will continue to share more about who we are and why we are here for you!


Our Zinc dipped in Silver and Silver collections were inspired by their uniqueness, ecological sustainability, and for being hypo-allergenic. Of note, our silver collection is made with .925 pure sterling silver.  We are grateful to our Turkish colleague who introduced us to working with zinc dipped in .925 silver and enjoy combining these metals with gemstones to create unique designs.




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