Look Your Best Wearing Leather Jewelry!

Leather clothing, leather accessories and leather jewelry have intrigued women and men for many years. 

We’ve learned that leather jewelry trends started during the hippie culture. Men and women used to wear leather jewelry embellished with lucky charms. Celebrities and rock stars took it further around the world making leather an integral part of jewelry and accessories. 

Wearing leather adds a cool or alternative look to any outfit for both women and men. While historically, leather was worn by people at high positions in society, leather jewelry is worn today to make a fashion statement. And, this fall leather is trending for everyone!

Men look very attractive in leather accessories.  For men, a leather bracelet has become a part of their fashion and general everyday wear with any outfit, from t-shirt and jeans to suits. 

For women, on the other hand, it adds a more distinctive look and there are so many styles to choose from with an array of material combinations or embellishments such as metals, beads, and stones

Leather jewelry is popular for stacking & layering as well!  Our customers have asked us what the best ways are to stack and layer our pieces. There are NO RULES on how to stack them, but here are some ideas that we hope are helpful for wearing leather jewelry and styling it!

Tips for adding Leather jewelry to your style:

  1. First, start with the look you are trying to achieve and the occasion. Are you stacking bracelets or layering necklaces for an everyday look or for a night out? Then, based on the colors of your outfit, identify which bracelet color(s) and metals you want to stack together.  For example, if you’re wearing black you may want to compliment your outfit with gold or silver or with an accent gemstone color.  Our black leather and sterling silver bracelets are versatile, neutral, yet add style to any outfit. 

  1. Combining a watch and leather bracelet is another way to stack jewelry. A customer we know loves to pair her watch with our handcrafted leather bracelets. It’s both fashionable and classy. Your inner artist can help discover the watch/bracelet combination that works best for you.

  1. Or a colorful semi-precious stone bracelet or necklace from our Antika collection could be the accent color you’re looking for (think leather and rose quartz necklace)! Rose quartz can also bring love into your life!


The latest trend in leather necklaces is called “Festival Fashion” where dressing becomes a cultural movement, like Coachella, using a bohemian sensibility with multilayering, fringe and tassels. Our sustainable zinc dipped in sterling silver leather necklaces have been a big fan favorite for layering (think boho chic)!  They look great with a t-shirt, shirt, or dress.


While leather has always been a symbol of class and luxury, you can always add in the sense of modern touch with well-designed pieces. They tend to go well with almost any outfit and give you that confident look when out with friends, colleagues, or family.

Check out our leather bracelets and necklaces at www.beksandesigns.com and have fun stacking & layering them!  There are many different styles, you can mix and match to create your own look. Putting silver and gold metals together is also very popular (think mixed metals!).

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