Popular Gemstones for the Fall: Pearls & Sapphires

Did you know that you can choose a stone that both intuitively attracts something you’re trying to get in your life while adding instant style to your wardrobe?

We want to share what we’ve learned about this Fall’s popular gemstones. In addition, we thought you’d enjoy some gift giving tips…so many birthdays this time of year.

Recently our pearl and sapphire jewelry have been customer favorites.  Here are the meanings of these gemstones with some ideas for pieces you may love:


According to history and the myths, pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience—while wearing them, you can take each experience and learn from it. 

Pearls are believed to offer protection, as well as attract good luck and wealth. It’s also said that they are symbolic of the wearer's loyalty, generosity, integrity, and purity.

Pearls are particularly useful during events in your life that can unhinge you. When it happens, the protective energies of the stone are stabilizing. I don’t know about you, but I think we can all use some protection these days.

This is the perfect stone for someone who leads a busy and sometimes chaotic life.   

Some of our popular pearl pieces are:

Single Stone Medium Mother of Pearl Stone

Necklace - Antika - Pearl Strand & Silk Thread


Protection, good fortune, and spiritual insight is granted to those who wear sapphires. It’s a symbol of power and strength—but also of kindness and wise judgment. 

Interestingly, in an engagement ring, a sapphire signifies faithfulness and sincerity as well (hmmm, maybe Sapphires will be the new diamonds?!). And, did you know blue sapphires are the birthstone for September?

Here are some of our stylish sapphires our customers are loving:

Hope you can join us at one of our in person or virtual events to see or try on our pearls, sapphires & new Fall arrivals!  Wishing you and your family a fabulous Fall and September. 



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