Our Inspiration & Purpose….What is Yours?

Our Inspiration & Purpose….What is Yours?

Hello ~ Wow what a year it has been?!  Many people have asked us what inspired us to start Beksan Designs and what drives us to keep the business going during these difficult times.  It has been a steep learning curve for us to go from in person large events to the virtual technology for Zoom events, or do our first Facebook LIVE, etc….We think you get the picture!

Our parents especially our father told us education is the key to life, “no one can take your education away from you.”  We are learning and growing each day with the support of many experts: Flourish & Thrive, a mastermind group for jewelry businesses, Press for Success inspiration and education about PR, and most important from inside our Beksan team, founders Meyla and Nevra (sisters, so awesome to work together), along with Tara, Tina and Kim who make Beksan Designs come alive.  We wanted to share more about our inspiration to assist you to figure out YOURS during this challenging year we’re having together!

Do you know how our parents met? 

We grew up in Southern California and often visited our grandmother in Istanbul, Turkey during the summer. Our mother was from Istanbul, Turkey and met our father at UCLA in California while she was getting her Masters degree in English Literature (first foreign student to achieve this at UCLA). 

What was our inspiration to start Beksan Designs? 

We were fascinated with the 15th- and 16th- century jewelry we saw in Topkapi Palace which was the main residence of the Ottoman Empires’ Sultans. The beautiful gemstones i.e. emeralds, sapphires & ornate designs influenced us deeply.  The beauty of the jeweled daggers alone was inspiring. We decided we wanted to start a jewelry line that reflected our Turkish and American heritage. 

Do you know what field of work we were in prior to Beksan Designs? 

Prior to starting Beksan Designs, Meyla was in education both as a teacher and school district administrator; Nevra had her own market research consulting business.

What year did we start Beksan Designs?

We (Nevra and Meyla) started the company in 2011, named Beksan Designs after our Turkish grandfather’s surname.  It meant a great deal to our mother that we named the company after her father.  It has been part of our purpose to keep his name and legacy alive within our family and share it with all of you.


What is our purpose related to our jewelry designs and accessories?

Our goal is to create designs that are unique, stylish, easy to wear and bring joy to our customers. We are known for natural gemstones, crystals and eco-friendly metal pieces.  We have some signature designs including our hook & eye bracelets, Tree of Life/Geometric earrings and necklaces, and our unique zinc dipped in .925 silver statement pieces. We use sustainable metals such as 24k gold vermeil (99% gold dipped over .925 sterling silver) as well as zinc dipped in sterling silver.  Many of the stones and designs have symbolic meanings. You, our customers, are what inspire us most.  We want you to love our jewelry, accessories, and tell your friends about us!


What is your inspiration and how does it appear in your life?  We would love to learn and hear from you a) Respond via email meyla@beksandesigns.com, or b) post on Beksan Designs facebook page.


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