Planning a Spring Vacation?

It’s that time of year when we’re tired of the rain and feel Spring right around the corner.  What we’ve learned is Spring is a great time to travel.  Airfare and hotel prices trend lower and the summer tourists haven’t arrived yet to more popular travel destinations. Typically, warmer climate cities have cooler temperatures in the Spring too.

Out of curiosity, we checked to see what the most popular spring travel destinations are.  According to U.S News and World report, London is rated #1.* Madrid, Montreal, Sydney, and Washington DC round out the top five.  This was exciting news for Nevra as she will be spending a few days in London on her way to Istanbul this March to visit her daughter.  March through May is ideal to visit London as the temperatures are mild and the city’s parks are green and blooming. Did you know that the many of London’s top attractions are free?!  This includes the National Gallery Art museum, the British museum, Natural History museum, Hyde Park and many others.

The best way to get around London is with an Oyster Card for London’s subway system, otherwise known as “The Tube”.  Your fare is reduced with this card and you will get to your destinations easily and quickly.  The variety of food options in London is amazing too.  Dine smart Corridors like Brick Lane offer fantastic ethnic food for bargain prices and remember takeaway food costs less than dine in.  Having traditional English fare and beer is another cultural must and lots of fun too.

This season Morocco has been popular choice for late winter/early spring travel among some of our friends.  The mild, yet pleasant temperatures of Morocco, compared to northern European countries and its uniqueness is drawing travelers to this destination.  That is also the reason we like to go to Istanbul in the Spring.  We want to avoid the warm temperatures, humidity, and crowds of an Istanbul summer. 

We are currently in process of drawing up some new designs for our upcoming Spring trip to Turkey.  Working with the various naturally sourced gemstones and metals to turn these designs into sustainable, beautiful jewelry and accessories is so rewarding.  We hope you find somewhere fun to travel to this spring and can’t wait to share our new designs with you!



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