Spring’s Colors that are Best for YOU!

Per Pantone, this Spring’s deeper colors exude confidence and “playful expressionism.” Think vibrant green, dark blue, deep reds where the more intense color hues ruled all over the runway.   


Here is a key to the popular color palates as identified by Pantone. For each, we’ve suggested coordinating gemstones or accessories:

Jester Rend~ PANTONE 19-1862
“Adding depth and intensity, Jester Red combines rich elegance with urbanity.”

One of the most deep and self-confident red shades, and you will find it everywhere from fashion to beauty (wouldn’t it be gorgeous, as a lipstick?) A similar color to the cornelian stones in our earrings and necklaces, these would be a lovely addition to any outfit!


Pepper Stem~ PANTONE 17-0542
“Zesty yellow-green Pepper Stem encourages our desire for nature’s healthy bounty.”

It is a mellow, comforting and warming shade that elicits good feelings. Combine different shades of green for a look inspired by nature.  Beksan jade or green aventurine earrings anyone?


Princess Blue~ PANTONE 19-4150
“Princess Blue, a majestic royal blue hue, glistens and gleams.”

Our beautiful lapis earrings, necklaces and rings reflect this color.  In addition, our blue scarves are elegant and will complement neutral colored shirts or suits. 


Sweet Corn~ PANTONE 11-0106

Sweet Corn tempts with its soft and buttery attitude.

Think citrine bracelet, necklace or earrings, a lovely way to integrate beautiful neutral sweet corn color into your accessories.


When picking jewelry, keep your skin tone in mind too. If you have a cool undertone, sapphires, blue aventurine, jade, and amethyst gemstones look best.  For a warm undertone, consider rubies, red agate, citrine, or green aventurine.  Our Antika collection has a wide variety of semi-precious stone jewelry to choose from.


Silver or Gold? Which metal is your go to? Silver and platinum are usually cool-toned metals, while gold and bronze are warm-toned. 


Wear tops and scarves that complement each other. Select tops and scarves in warm or cool colors that enhance your skin tone and bring out the color in your eyes!

We hope you’ve been inspired learning about the different color trends in 2019.  Contact meyla@beksandesigns.com or nevra@beksandesigns.com for more tips on how to integrate these jewelry & accessory colors into your wardrobe!


Adapted from: https://www.pantone.com/color-intelligence/fashion-color-trend-report/fashion-color-trend-report-new-york-spring-summer-2019


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