Reducing Pain in 2016 With Dietary Changes!

A good friend and I both were feeling a little tired and had different aches and pains. We both love fashion and jewelry…especially Beksan Designs jewelry, but felt we needed more energy! After seeing the doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist and physical therapist for neck pain, they all had one consistent piece of advice ~ change your diet! They suggested cutting out sugar, dairy and gluten for one month! At first I didn’t listen, then the day after Labor Day my friend and I started the Arbonne 30 Day Detox Program that eliminates those 3 food groups! Our goals were to improve our health, reduce pain, and lose a bit of weight in the process! We thought doing it together would be our best way to succeed! So she sent me a link to a representative from Arbonne and the rest is history!   The program was affordable and my friend encouraged me to try it with her! The first few days were difficult. We felt hungry and oddly a bit more tired early in the evening. However, after the first week or so we started feeling good! Shortly thereafter, incredibly my neck was pain free and I lost a few pounds! We ate healthy, fresh and yummy food, had support with an online Facebook group, made many shakes which were delicious and easy to make, cut out alcohol and continued to exercise. Love the Arbonne products and after our month was over we both realized the impact of changing ones nutrition can have on your body! We also discovered different studies which show the correlation between eliminating sugar, gluten, & diary and inflammatory pain reduction.   We are still making shakes, and try to avoid these ingredients as much as possible. There are so many alternative dietary choices that it hasn’t been a problem at all! And the results are amazing. I got through Beksan Designs’ busiest season full of energy and pain free!   We are now both believers that these foods have a direct impact on the way we feel!!   We wanted to find out what you do if you are giving something up or trying something new to improve your health in the New Year! What have you tried to eliminate?? How is it going? What are you doing to deal with it or if not able where are the pitfalls? Our blogs provide a venue where we can share ideas on how to feel and look our best both inside and out!   To look your best on the outside, we’re excited to offer you new hand-crafted jewelry designs for the New Year—rings, earrings, bracelets, & necklaces across our Antika, Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, and Zinc collections. You can check them out at our upcoming events or for personal shopping contact in SoCal or in NoCal. Happy New Year!!

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