Rings: The Accessory of the Summer!

We’ve always loved rings. ❤️ Looking down at your hands and seeing something beautiful puts a smile on your face (we see it all the time).  A gemstone or crystal ring adds color or sparkle which can make anyone happy, don’t you think?

Rings are the perfect addition to every outfit and are being worn various ways this season. Fashionistas are stacking on the rings (especially our twin daughters), wearing statement rings, pinky rings and everything in-between.  We love this trend and want to share which ring styles have been popular among our amazing customers. 

On the fashion runways and in magazines: “Rings echoed the colors and fabrics used in different designers’ collections, worn on every finger to take the look to the next level with accessories.” 

Here are some “must have” rings this summer:  

  • Crystal Stacking Rings – Enjoy our beautiful sparkly ones set in a variety of different metals.

  • Single, Double, and Triple Semiprecious Gemstone Rings – Set in sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil, or gold fill.  Choose from a variety of gemstones that match YOUR mood, style, and the meaning/vibes you desire in your life.
3 stone ring

 3 Stone Quartz and Red Agate Ring
  • Geometric Shape Rings - Check out geometric and stylish rings including our zinc dipped in .925 sterling silver, an eco-friendly metal that does not tarnish and is hypo-allergenic.

Zinc Silver Geo Square Ring

Our bold, handcrafted rings, which often include gemstones or crystals, make a statement. Discover them and all our rings. 

We appreciate our customers and want YOU to have fun styling your fingers this season!

To find yourself a new ring, you can also join us at an event near you https://beksandesigns.com/pages/events or do some personal shopping with Meyla by writing directly to meyla@beksandesigns.com.  

We hope you can join us in-person or at our next virtual event. Enjoy your summer, and we wish you good health and happiness. 😀 


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