Shades of Blue and Gemstones

Jewelry colors change with the season and it’s time to update your look with gemstones that reflect the top Spring/Summer 2019 colors highlighted by Pantone. Recently we noticed that in the fashion world different shades of blue are very popular.


The featured blue tones currently are: Aquamarine, Princess Blue, Classic Blue and Eclipse Blue.  We are now seeing these beautiful tones in handbags, jewelry and dresses. Did you also know that these gemstones have special meanings that translate into benefits for those who wear them?  All the more reason to add a beautiful shade of blue Antika earrings, necklace, bracelet, or ring to your wardrobe. 


Here’s some fun facts about some of these gemstones.  Enjoy the read!

  • Aquamarine gemstones are coveted by women all over the world because of the stone’s beautiful blue color, an airy blue with a dreamy feel!  This stone’s color is cool, calming and acts as a stress reducer.
  • Fluorite:  This mineral is known for its wide range of colors – from blue, purple, green yellow and its’ glassy luster.  Fluorite is known to be the most powerful healing stone, especially for strengthening bone tissue.  It can also bring peace and calm to a troubled mind.
  • Lapis:  This gemstone is named after “lapis”, the Latin word for stone and the Arabic word for blue. In ancient times, Egyptian and Persian royalty wore lapis as an amulet to deter danger. 
  • Turquoise: Turquoise is one of the oldest protective gemstones and has long been known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures.

Aquamarine, Fluorite, Lapis and Turquoise are very popular color earrings in jewelry stores today, per the Store Manager at Two Birds on Castro Street near 24th Street, San Francisco!

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Whether a shirt, dress, scarf or handbag, blue shades complement many different complexions and outfits.  Our royal blue silk and felt scarf is perfect for this season, deliciously soft and lightweight,  It also travels well and makes a great gift.

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