Silver Jewelry: What’s Trending Now

Silver jewelry has been VERY popular at Beksan Designs in 2015! We’re always doing research on what’s trending in jewelry to design pieces for you that are high quality and stylish! Here is the scoop about silver jewelry and how YOU can be on track with what is in vogue this summer!!!   Silver has been used in jewelry nearly as long as gold. Like Gold, pure Silver is very soft and it's commonly mixed with other metals to improve durability for use in jewelry. Silver is normally mixed with Copper and there are several levels of purity that indicate how pure the Silver is. For example, Sterling Silver must contain at least 92.5% pure Silver. However varying purity levels include .958 and .999 Sterling Silver. The stamp on a piece of sterling jewelry will identify the quality level of the silver used in that piece.   Here is a description of different types of silver used in jewelry making: Fine Silver has a .999 level of purity, so it's also known as Pure Silver. While particularly lustrous, Fine Silver is normally not appropriate for jewelry that's worn daily, because it is too malleable and not as durable.   Sterling Silver is the most common alloy in silver jewelry. In order to be called Sterling Silver, the metal must possess at least 92.5% pure Silver, but the other components can vary. Most commonly it is a mixture of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% of another metal, usually Copper. Sterling is considered a standard among Silver grades and provides durability to ensure that pieces like rings, bracelets and necklaces can be worn daily!   Silver Plate is a thin layer of Fine Silver placed over a base metal. Also known as Silver Tone, Silver Plate is often considered the most cost effective alternative to the more expensive forms of silver jewelry. However, this form of silver is very thin and can wear off easily and changes in appearance quickly. Adapted from:   This Season's Silver Jewelry Trends: Layers: Multi-strand necklaces and stacking bracelets are the more prevalent ways to layer sterling silver jewelry this season. How about combining different silver necklaces by Beksan Designs, including our chain necklaces? Within our bracelet designs, stacking our crystal magnet bracelets with our silver bracelets is a very fashionable look!   Hand-crafted silver: Beksan Designs’ handcrafted sterling silver jewelry has been trending this season, especially our earrings and bracelets! A unique piece of handcrafted silver jewelry makes a statement and you'll feel special every time you wear it!   Crystal and silver: The combination of crystals with silver creates stunning jewelry. Our Crystal collection boasts a wide variety of blends in different colors. We love the white and black crystal bracelets or the pendants and rings in with red or green crystals! These crystal jewelry pieces are eye-catching, adding sparkle and style to every look!   Adapted from: jewelry   We invite you to explore the variety of silver jewelry we offer at . Discover what design is right for you!

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