Stacking Rings Like a Celeb!

Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Giuliana Rancic what do they have in common you may ask?? Well they are very well known celebrities who know how to wear their jewelry…..especially their rings!! We at Beksan Designs have some beautiful rings YOU can stack so here are a few tips so YOU can look like a celeb while stacking your rings! There are some smart rules when it comes to stacking rings. Stack multiple on one finger, keep a finger bare and mix metals for the best results. Varying metal colors and textures is the best way to keep it interesting and look attractive. Different metal colors include yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver and oxidized silver. Examples of textures are hammered or polished metals, crystals or semi-precious stones. Another great technique is mixing different shapes and lines. At Beksan Designs, we offer infinity, heart and wave shaped stacking rings for you to wear in different combinations. Some choose two or three rings to stack horizontally on one finger others prefer lower stacks vertically across fingers. Incorporating rings with gemstones and crystals is especially eye-catching. Celebrities exert their creativity this way and so can you! In order to be able to create your own style you've got to first shop for the necessary pieces to pull it off — sort of how a chef gathers ingredients before starting a recipe. So we are here to assist you! Explore and shop our ring collection at a Beksan Designs event, online at, or through personal shopping. Our loyal customers can also check out our Weekly Exclusive Specials! In summary, when it comes to rings, everyone has different tastes. Some women prefer chunky statement rings with hints of turquoise or garnets while others like thin, delicate gold or silver bands and that's fine. Because regardless of what type of rings you like to wear, there's a way to get that celeb look! Photo at Adapted from:

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