Tips for Traveling Light!

With summer in full swing, many of you will be packing for a summer vacation! No matter where you travel by air, you will be facing longer security lines, so what is the trick to packing light? Packing a minimal amount of clothing and accessories for a 10 day city trip is the key to success. We just came back from a trip to Istanbul where we needed room in our bags for jewelry samples and plenty of Turkish goodies and gifts, so we had to pack strategically! Here’s what we learned from our most recent packing experience:   1) Two pairs of pants/jeans; we prefer a darker base color as it shows less dirt and wrinkles, black and blue are our favorites. A pair of blue jeans and black pants can be used day or night. In summer, white is also a popular base color for pants but bring along some laundry detergent.   2) Mix and match tops and cardigans; For a 10 day trip, we typically bring 5 casual tops and a couple of dressier ones. Whites, cream, burgundy, blues, and pinks work well with a darker base bottom. Coordinate with 1-2 cardigans or light jackets that work across colors.   3) Add a skirt; midi-length is popular now and knee-length works everywhere. Try to coordinate so the tops you bring for pant bottoms also work with the skirt you’re bringing.   4) One or two wrinkle free dresses; A versatile black, blue, or summer colored/print dress in a material that can be folded without wrinkling is perfect for warmer weather climates and for summer evenings   5) Limit # of shoes; they add weight and take up space. We suggest 3 at most, wear one and bring 2. A workable combo is a pair of walking or athletic shoes, a pair of closed toe shoes or booties (depending on where you’re going) and a pair of sandals or flip-flops.   6) A lightweight jacket or windbreaker; Especially if you’re traveling to a place where it rains is windy or cooler in the evening.   7) Accessorize with a scarf and jewelry; They’re lightweight and an easy way to add color and change up any outfit. A silk or cotton scarf is perfect for summer. Bring along a statement necklace, gemstone earrings, sterling silver necklace or pendant, a fun bracelet and your look will be complete!   At Beksan Designs, we offer a variety of hand-crafted jewelry and accessories that are perfect for any season! Check out our website, come to one of our events or contact to see our latest designs. Happy Travels!!

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