The Hottest Gems Right Now!

When it comes to gems, we have nothing against the classics (remember when Prince sang about diamonds and pearls). We know however, there’s something to be said for freshening things up. So we listened to jewelry designer Lauren Wolf, and here are the raw gemstones she is talking about for this Spring:   “Opal is really popular right now—it’s luminescent and just so pretty. We’ve been seeing it at the shows for a while, so it does feel like its trending.” We have our Opal gemstone ring or a close cousin and less expensive Mother of Pearl (MoP)! Our MoP bracelets are fashionable and stylish!   “Salt and pepper diamonds have a really brilliant color and these deep, scattered inclusions, but they still have a really nice clarity. They’re some of the prettiest stones out there.” These beautiful, yet pricey stones can be found at most Fine Jewelry stores in your area!   “Pyrite even though it’s semi-precious—it’s also called Fool’s Gold—it has that sparkly aspect that’s hard not to like.” We at Bekan Designs have used pyrite in our longer, popular gemstone necklaces. You will also find sapphires, rubies, quartz stone colors, and labrodorite in many of our hand-crafted designs.   Adapted from:   We also offer our customers earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklace pendants with gemstones beaded together or set in 24k gold vermeil.   The trending pieces we are currently most excited about utilize our beautiful gemstones:   • Leather Pendant Necklaces ~ Beautiful gemstones set in 24k gold vermeil, attractively suspended on a thick leather necklace, is clearly eye-catching. • Gemstone bracelets and necklaces- Gemstone beads and 24k gold vermeil pieces work together to create a stunning effect for your wrist or neckline. • Single & Double Stone Antika Earrings & Bracelets- Our signature earrings & bracelets, in a variety of gemstones, are easy to wear, stylish and provide color to any outfit!   Discover our jewelry at our retail partners, events, and of course online at Whether a ring, bracelet, earring or necklace the beauty of gemstones will inspire you to look and feel your best! Enjoy the experience!

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