Trending Now—Shades of Gold!

Gold jewelry, in a variety of shades and metal grades is trending this season! At Beksan Designs, we are fortunate to work with 24k gold vermeil which is unique to our jewelry line. Although frequently used in Turkish jewelry, 24k gold vermeil is rare to find in the United States. Here, most jewelers use 14k and 18k gold vermeil, since the higher 24k grade is not typically available. We are fortunate to be able to work with artisan partners in Istanbul who prefer this more malleable and distinctive 24k gold. Twenty-four karat gold vermeil is a deep color gold and beautifully complements many skin tones and outfits. It goes well with neutrals like winter white, gray, brown and black as well as with animal prints like leopard and cheetah. A beautiful pair of our Antika 24k gold vermeil single or gold and stone earrings is a great addition to YOUR jewelry box. Rose gold is also very popular this season and we love incorporating this shade of gold into our designs. We have unique styles of rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings in rose gold in our crystal collection. Customers love our rose colored crystal magnet bracelets as well as our crystal rings. Some of our Antika geo earrings come in rose gold as well. Beksan Designs has coin purses and fabric bags with the color gold embedded in them. These fashionable accessories are also useful and the gold color adds some shimmer and pop. Have you thought about wearing a gold colored scarf to complement a black dress?! Integrating shades of gold with your wardrobe adds elegance and style to any outfit. Along with acting like a neutral, gold tones also add a bit of an antique and refinement to a look. Check out our website to see what gold toned pieces would look BEST on you! We hope you enjoy this jewelry trend and carry it forward into spring!

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