The Magic of Evil Eye Jewelry

In the captivating world of jewelry, there are few symbols as intriguing and meaningful as the Evil Eye. For centuries, this talisman has been believed to be a guardian against negative energies and ill wishes.  

The concept revolves around the belief that envious or mean glares can inflict harm or misfortune upon their targets.  The Evil Eye amulet, with its striking eye-shaped design, is thought to avert and neutralize these negative energies, providing a shield of protection for its wearer.  

As a small business, we take pride in creating a stunning selection of Evil Eye pieces (good eye if you know the meaning) that not only offer protection but also serve as stylish fashion statements.  Let’s embark on this journey of symbolism, cultural richness, and elegance together.  

We love to create Evil Eye jewelry because it reminds us of our childhood.  Our mother wore an evil eye glass pinky ring which meant a lot to her.  

Interesting story, our mother was entertaining some distant relatives & friends. While visiting with them, her evil eye ring suddenly shattered into many pieces.  We couldn’t believe our eyes, everyone on in the room went silent, wondering if mom was being protected!

Did you know we’ve created many designs with both the classic and modern evil eye using glass, crystals, and sapphires?  Here are some suggestions for must have evil eye jewelry pieces this season:

  • Evil Eye Stud Earrings:  The great thing about studs is that they’re a great “go-to” earring for every day. Our modern evil eye crystal studs are versatile and look good on everyone. 


  • Evil Eye BraceletOur glass evil eye bracelets are fashionable and a bit more substantial is the 3-strand design. This style has been super popular (only a few left)!

  • Pendant Necklaces reign and enhance any outfit. Stand out in the beauty of an Evil Eye pendant necklace that easily transitions from day to night. 

Choose from one of these must-have pieces as a foundation for your or a friend/family members’ Evil Eye jewelry collection.  We take pleasure in creating beautiful jewelry which symbolizes protection and positive energy. 

We’d love to style the look that makes you feel your best wearing our Evil Eye jewelry or assist with picking one as a gift.  Contact to learn how to set up a virtual personal styling appointment. 


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