Summer Style Trends & Gift Ideas

We’re all about handcrafted jewelry and accessories and on track with what is in vogue this summer (especially after returning from Italy). Let us know which of these styles excites you:

Bold, noticeable, and geometric

Generous size and colorful gemstones create jewelry that stands out. Our statement necklaces and pendants are a great example of this trend. An impressive piece is suspended from distinctive sustainable leather or metal chains. Other statement-making handcrafted jewelry includes our 7 stone bracelets and layered multi-strand necklaces. Check out our striking zinc/silver necklaces.  These are perfect for those who want to stand out in unique jewelry!

Necklace - Zinc/Silver - Leather Arrowhead


Lots of layers

Layering or stacking your jewelry pieces is the way to go this season! How about combining our necklaces or bracelets in different ways?  Pairing shorter with longer length necklaces or wearing a multi-strand necklace creates a more dramatic look. We also have a variety of bracelet styles that are perfect for stacking as well.  

The 36" long garnet necklace can be wrapped twice to layer with other necklaces. 

Sterling silver

As one of the more affordable precious metals, sterling silver continues to be popular in handmade jewelry. A unique piece of handcrafted silver jewelry will last for many years and never goes out of style. We offer distinctive sterling silver pieces with and without gemstones.

Brightly colored natural gemstones

Especially trendy this summer are bright greens -, blues-, pink-, and citrine-colored hues.  We offer a wide variety of semi-precious stones in these shades. Green quartz, blue turquoise, rose quartz and citrine stones are delicately crafted into rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces set in 24kt gold vermeil, gold fill or sterling silver. These eye-catching pieces will add color to your look! 

 Citrine and Green Quartz Bracelet Adjustable bracelet

Stand out from the crowd in one of these trending summer styles! We invite you to explore our variety of handcrafted, fashionable jewelry at

These are also great gift ideas for a special someone’s birthday or other meaningful celebration.  

Happy Summer!


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