The Power & Beauty of Magnetic Jewelry

In addition to looking cool, magnetic jewelry can deliver health and well-being benefits. To get the best results, it’s important to wear magnetic jewelry correctly. Each design is unique, but there are ways to get the maximum effect from magnetic jewelry. Although some claim magnetic therapy’s ability to treat diseases is unfounded, there is evidence that it may help relieve pain from chronic illness or pain. 

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Beksan Designs uses magnets in a number of our jewelry designs including our crystal magnet bracelets and leather and silver/gold magnet bracelets.  Look and feel great in magnetic jewelry with these easy tips:

Tip #1 ~ A Good and Snug Fit

The closer the core and surface of the magnet is to your skin, the stronger the healing effect.  That’s why a snug fit with the magnetic clasp against your skin is best, but you don’t have to overdo it. “Magnetic therapy is not acupuncture and you are not supposed to pierce your body with the magnets.” It is not recommended to wear a magnetic bracelet or ring so tight that it leaves red marks. If the fit of your magnetic jewelry isn’t comfortable, you will end up removing it and losing the healing benefits.

Tip # 2  ~ Magnetic Bracelets Can be Worn Day and Night

How often you wear your magnetic jewelry will definitely influence how effective it is.  Magnetic jewelry wearers usually choose a design that is comfortable to wear on a regular basis.  Although you can take them off at night, leaving them on occasionally will maximize the effect.

Tip # 3 Magnetic Jewelry and Sports

Wearing magnetic jewelry while working out or playing active sports can be beneficial, especially if you have sports related aches and pains. However when you swim, you will have to remove jewelry made out of metals that are easy to tarnish. To make things easier, you can choose our magnetic jewelry made out of metals like titanium or zinc dipped in silver, which are more resistant to tarnishing.

At Beksan Designs, we offer leather and crystal bracelets with magnets too.  Stacking several magnet bracelets at the same time creates a stylish look while giving you incremental health benefits. Some people choose to wear a magnetic bracelet on each wrist and also on their ankles. This could be a good practice during specific times, like when you suffer from muscle pains or cramps. The most important is that you feel good with your jewelry so that you will enjoy wearing it as much as possible.

We hope you find these tips on how to wear your magnetic jewelry for the best results helpful!  Please check out our jewelry and accessory collections at or contact Meyla:  or Nevra:  for a personal shopping experience.  Happy August!


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