Top 3 Jewelry Must Haves!

During these challenging times, a new piece of jewelry can be an amazing morale boost! We can assist you to pick jewelry and accessories that visually enhance your look to gain confidence and feel attractive.  This spring/summer, bold jewelry is back in, and the most important accessory for 2020 is a piece of statement jewelry. 

As described in Forbes, “Jewelry is one way to completely change up your look and make a statement. This spring, a number of trends are emerging in the jewelry design world including shell jewelry, colorful jewelry, mismatched earrings and bold chains.”

Here’s what’s trending this Spring:

  1. Big hoops and cool dangle earrings (mismatched or not)

These can be metal hoop earrings or embellished with colorful gemstones or crystals. The size of the hoop you select depends on your personal style.  Consider a dangle with a geometric shape that’s classy and hip at the same time! Our stylish hoop earrings with crystals are beautiful day or night or maybe this Geo circle post stud earring in 24kt gold vermeil or sterling silver?


  1. Colorful statement rings

This is the one piece that pops the most and is the standout item that can reflect your personal style. These cocktail rings should be oversized and bold colors are key. To make a statement, the ring should stand out from the rest of your outfit and be the centerpiece of your look. Our handcrafted 3 semi-precious stone rings, in different colors, are the perfect “on trend” rings of the season.  


  1. Bold Necklaces, long colorful gemstones, pearls, pendants or chains… Long necklaces that standout have definitely made a resurgence. Pearls are going strong in Spring 2020 and any style will work. The beauty of our handcrafted pearl necklaces is they go with everything, and easily transition from day to night. Our long gemstone necklaces come in a variety of styles and can be worn as a single strand or in two layers. Choose from labradorite, turquoise, or garnet semi-precious stone necklaces.  Our longer silver chain necklaces are super popular worn alone or layered with a colorful pendant necklace. 


It is time to find some statement pieces that add pizazz to your outfit!  Check them out at and enjoy the experience!



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