Who do YOU Like to Follow Online?

It’s amazing how much fun and valuable information is shared by bloggers! We enjoy reading blogs and following bloggers in the fashion and accessories world. Not only is it informative, but we find it gets our creative juices flowing too. So helpful in designing new jewelry! We also learn styling tidbits that we can share with our customers. Here are a couple of bloggers that we enjoy following and you may too:   J’adore couture at http://kimair.blogspot.com/, we really liked her blog related to looking at a retro Prada fashion show….here is a snippet from her blog: “I've looked at many a runway show, and the majority of them are time and trend specific. Muiccia Prada has a way to harnessing the seemingly random into something special and covetable, shirts with cut sleeves, mannish trousers, and oversized sweatshirt sweaters were paired with ladylike gloves, and belted coats. It was her way of saying, 'be perfect, but not perfectly so.' I wanted the coats, the shirts, and dresses, but especially the bags with the convertible handles...still something I am constantly keeping an eye out for. But overall, the collection doesn't look dated, and has an overall vibe that still resonates with me today.” The photos are fabulous and really make you want to read on!   Another blogger we are following is “Une femme d'un certain age” http://unefemme.net/ This blogger talks with her audience as if you are with her and experiencing similar issues, for example…: “While I have most day-to-day situations covered with my current wardrobe, nothing throws me into air-gulping, white-knuckled panic like the idea of Dressing Up. There are times that call for taking it up a notch. A niece’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah. A special date night with one’s Significant Other. I never feel prepared. Le monsieur had made us dinner reservations for Saturday night and that morning I woke up on a mission to find a dress to wear. So we hit the mall near our hotel in search of something simple. The second store we tried was Nanette Lepore I never thought this brand would work with my curves. I’m happy to say that at least with some styles, I was wrong. The store Manager and Sales Associates were more than happy to keep bringing in different dresses for me to try. On about dress #6, we hit the jackpot.” Which bloggers do you follow or do you blog yourself? Are there any topics you would like to see on our blog? We want to provide information that is relevant and interesting to our customers! So please share your thoughts about who we should follow either through Facebook or email meyla@beksandesigns.com. Please tell your friends about Beksan Designs, and if you haven’t already done so, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, #beksandesigns! With appreciation, Meyla and Nevra

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