Building a Beksan Community

A woman or man with a beautiful piece of jewelry or a great scarf stands out in a crowd--it is a compliment to any outfit no matter what time of year.  We are hoping to build a Beksan Imports community with our jewelry, scarves, and other accessories.  With our Beksan online store and Newsletter, we can increase connections and build a community of people who love our products and want to share them with friends and family! Life is about connections and relationships with the people you know and love. Fortunately, we have some amazing friends who have enjoyed our products and now connect with Beksan Imports to buy gifts for friends and family.  We want to expand our community.  We appreciate those who have hosted and attended our Beksan Trunk Shows. We want to have more Trunk Shows, work with social networks that bring people together who want to experience our unique jewelry designs, accessories and learn about an interesting part of the world.  We will have new products every Fall and Spring, following what's trending while continuing to offer our more popular pieces. How can you connect with others through jewelry and accessories? Perhaps adding a hip new piece from one of our jewelry collections—artisan inspired Antika earrings, rings or bracelets, a sterling silver chain necklace or stacking silver ring from the Turkish Silver Collection, or perhaps a beautiful Turkish silk scarf or pashmina.  Two new pieces and you can change your entire look! As we know, if you feel good you will be more successful in all YOUR endeavors.  Enjoy the journey shopping with us and sign up to receive our Beksan Newsletter!

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