Celebrating Summer!

School’s out, the weather is warmer, the barbeque grill is on and it’s time to celebrate summer!  There is a lightness of being that makes this my favorite season.  Coats are put away, summer dresses come out, and sandals are the everywhere.  Week-ends include trips to the beach, picnics, swimming, camping, hiking, and much, much more!  Many of us vacation this time of year too, creating fun memories.  It is also a popular time for weddings and family reunions. Clothing and fashion is more fun in summer too!  Replacing the blacks, greys, and browns are bright summer colors.  This season greens and blues abound along with tropical colors, deep reds, orange and yellow.  For some, the brighter, the better!  You can see the variety of bright colors in jeans, shorts, and tank tops.  Time to step out in summer dresses too!  I like to buy at least a couple of new summer dresses each season.  Check out the variety of patterns and prints at www.nordstrom.com. Summer is also the time for fun, colorful jewelry & accessories. The colorful semi-precious stones in our Antika collection just scream Summer.  Set in 24 karat vermeil, they are a perfect complement to your Summer wardrobe and lightweight too.  A pair of single or double stone Antika earrings instantly adds color to your look, as does a short or long necklace! The bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings in our Zinc collection are stylish and fun!  Neutral in color, they go with everything and make a fashion statement.  Mixing and combining different types of metals is very popular too and creates a look that is uniquely yours. Using a silk or cotton scarf as a wrap over a summer dress or top is another way to dress up an outfit.  The bright colors of our silk and felt scarves are perfect this season.   Made from the highest quality Turkish cotton and silk, you will take great pleasure in the look and FEEL of our scarves, whether you use them as a scarf or a wrap. The vibrant colors and patterns of our purses will also brighten any look. The smaller, cross-body Kilim purses will carry your daily essentials. The intricately designed larger Turkish fabric handbag is a perfect summer tote. Whether used as a purse or a tote, these quality handbags are functional and fashionable! So, no matter how you choose to add color to your look, have a fabulous summer, and we look forward to bringing you new creative designs in the coming months!  

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