Matching Jewelry to Hair Color!

Hair color is a large part of a person’s overall appearance. As such, it is important to consider the color of your hair when choosing outfits, hats and especially jewelry. Because hair and jewelry share the same space around a persons face and neck, it is critical that they co-exist in harmony. Even beyond that, it’s important that they complement one another. There are countless guides for matching skin color with jewelry and outfits with accessories, but very few address the importance of hair color. To create cohesive look that flatters, follow the simple guide below.  
  • Blonde
Most colors look great with fair hair however there are some colors that especially stun. Blue hued gemstones like sapphire and blue topaz look breathtaking with blonde hair. Greens and black look great as well as contrasts, such as white pearls. If you’re feeling bold, opt for orange gemstones such as golden tourmaline that will create a healthy glow when contrasted with fair skin and hair.  
  • Red
For fiery redheads, the jewelry colors that look best are neutrals. To contrast the intense heat from red hair, it’s useful to opt for colors that are muted and earth-toned. Dark greens, deep blues and yellows will look stunning with red heads. Be sure to stay away from colors with gray undertones, as they will fail to pop.  
  • Brunette
Brunettes have an array of choices when it comes to gemstone colors. Like blondes and red heads, blue is a wonderful color. However, unlike the other hair colors, deep reds and stunning purples are also highly recommended for brunettes. These colors highlight the natural undertones in brown hair and ultimately create a look that works together to shine.  
  • Black
When it comes to jewelry, women with black hair can have lots of the fun. The best jewelry color for black hair is anything bold and bright. The list includes deep pinks, dark reds, light blue and green. Be sure to stay away from softer earthy tones; they can get lost in black hair.  
  • Grey
For gray-haired women, purple is the clear winner because it naturally complements silver hues. In fact, amethyst is a match made in heaven.   At Beksan Designs, there is a wide variety of gemstone earrings and necklaces to choose from, one that’s right for every hair color! Find the one that complements the color of your hair, online, at one of our events, or through personal shopping in LA with or in the Bay area with

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